DevicePilot announces $900k Angel round

By Pilgrim - April 15, 2016

DevicePilot today announced the successful completion of its Angel fund-raising round, securing investment of $900k that allows the company to focus on delivering its DevicePilot service for Internet of Things (IoT) device management. DevicePilot continuously monitors and manages connected products over their complete life-cycle as more IoT projects move from pilot stage to deployment at scale, with thousands or millions of devices.

DevicePilot (originally called 1248) has come a long way in the past two years.

“Since starting the company we’ve delivered IoT technology with some great partners,” said DevicePilot CEO Pilgrim Beart.

“For example, our HyperWeave universal IoT gateway for ARM and our leading role in the development of the IoT Hypercat standard. But as we engaged with more and more connected-product companies across many different verticals it became clear to us that they all suffer from the same problem as they scale – managing their devices.”

DevicePilot is now busy building a universal answer to this critical barrier to IoT expansion.  Currently in alpha stage with a range of customers both big and small, the DevicePilot service gives connected-product companies at trial stage or beyond, three ways to manage their growing device estate:

  • Asset Management – what devices have been deployed in the field, who has them, where are they and what software are they running, etc.?
  • Monitoring – how many devices are actually working right now and if not, DevicePilot uses a triage process to discover why.
  • Lifecycle Management – pro-actively configures and updates devices throughout their lifecycle from deployment to end-of-life.

DevicePilot recently surveyed 50 companies deploying IoT products, which provided evidence that device management is a major barrier to scaling. See

“We ended-up being significantly over-subscribed for this round, which is testament to the strength of the team, the product focus and the exciting growth of the IoT market,” said Chairman Rob Dobson.

CEO Beart and Chairman Dobson have each previously achieved $100m exits from new tech businesses and have a wealth of experience in scaling-up connected devices.
Angel shareholders in this round include:

DevicePilot also boasts an impressive Advisory Board, including the inventor of the webcam Quentin Stafford-Fraser , the founder of the world’s first IoT platform Usman Haque, Telefonica’s IoT MD David Taylor and senior personnel at ARM plc. The University of Cambridge owns a 1% “Gift Share” in recognition of Pilgrim Beart’s time as a Visiting Fellow at the University’s Computer Lab.
Companies interested in participating in the private alpha programme are invited to sign-up at

DevicePilot CEO Pilgrim Beart recently gave a TEDx talk about innovation in connected products, with insight into how the IoT landscape will look. See

DevicePilot is a London-based B2B company delivering the DevicePilot service, which helps connected-product companies to scale their businesses. DevicePilot is universal software for locating, monitoring and managing connected devices at scale. DevicePilot is completely agnostic, allowing the user to connect any device across any platform, with simple and easy integration. The company draws on the significant experience of its founders who successfully scaled their previous connected-device businesses to 1 million+ end-customers in areas as diverse as mobile phones, IPTV set-top-boxes and the connected home.

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