DevicePilot delivers London HyperCat Summit Keynote

By Pilgrim - May 06, 2015

Organised by HyperCat project lead Flexeye under the banner "Smart Systems, Intelligent Universe", today's HyperCat Summit in London features speakers from many companies involved in HyperCat including Andy Stanford Clark of IBM, John Davies of BT, Stephen Pattison of ARM, Chris Wright of Moixa, Bill Clee of Asset Mapping and Laurie Reynolds of Aquamatix as well as distinguished contributions from the likes of Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Baroness Greenfield and of course Merlin, the Lord Errol. DevicePilot CEO Pilgrim Beart is honoured to give the keynote speech introducing HyperCat to a capacity audience of more than 400.

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DevicePilot is the software of choice for locating, monitoring and managing connected devices at scale. DevicePilot is completely agnostic, allowing the user to connect any device across any platform, with simple and easy integration. The company draws on the significant experience of its founders who successfully scaled their previous connected-device businesses to 1 million+ end-customers in areas as diverse as mobile phones, IPTV set-top-boxes and the connected home. Contact us for further information:


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