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By Keith - October 16, 2016

Following a year of successful product development and Alpha testing by more than 10 companies, DevicePilot has moved into its commercial phase. We are now talking to companies who are either planning, testing or deploying connected devices and products into the field across any sector. DevicePilot is ready to solve your ops challenges - contact Keith today for an informal discussion:

DevicePilot is a cloud based software that allows you to easily locate, monitor and manage your connected devices automatically at scale, with proactive management throughout your entire device lifecycle. Additionally it can provide critical insights - through your IoT connected product you can better understand your customers and how the products are being used, while increasing loyalty and creating new revenue opportunities.

DevicePilot delivers a solution that is better and cheaper than a company could build itself or purchase from a ‘one-stop-shop', allowing you to focus on your core business. It has completely open interfaces - DevicePilot can manage any device, on any platform, with easy to use RESTful APIs for rapid and easy integration with your existing systems.

DevicePilot is based in London and is managed by a senior team with experience of deploying millions of connected products in previous businesses. Please visit to find out more and to watch the intro video from Pilgrim Beart, our CEO.

If you want to deploy hundreds, thousands or millions of connected products - and manage them automatically - contact DevicePilot today.


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