Experience Design for the Internet of Things

By Pilgrim - May 01, 2016

O'Reilly will host a global conference on 20 May entitled "Experience Design for the Internet of Things - Six of the smartest people working in design and the Internet of Things will share actionable advice and the essential knowledge you need to create extraordinary IoT experiences". Our CEO Pilgrim is honoured to have been given first slot of the day with the theme "Getting to Simple: Deploying IoT at scale", based on his experiences as his previous company AlertMe, whose Connected Home platform runs BG Hive and Lowes Iris, as it scaled to deploying millions of connected devices in homes across Europe and the USA. The conference runs 10am TO 5pm ET (3pm to 10pm UK) on 20 May

For more information visit: http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920041573.do.

About DevicePilot

DevicePilot is the software of choice for locating, monitoring and managing connected devices at scale. DevicePilot is completely agnostic, allowing the user to connect any device across any platform, with simple and easy integration. The company draws on the significant experience of its founders who successfully scaled their previous connected-device businesses to 1 million+ end-customers in areas as diverse as mobile phones, IPTV set-top-boxes and the connected home. Contact us for further information: sales@devicepilot.com

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