What kinds of IoT visualization can DevicePilot do?

By Pilgrim - February 01, 2019

Whether you're digging deep into one's device behaviour, analyzing KPIs, or building dashboards, you can easily configure DevicePilot to display its analysis in many different ways:

  1. Lists of devices (sortable, fitlerable, arrangeable, clickable)
  2. Tables of device properties, or events (ditto)
  3. Maps (with pins, or heatmaps, and trails, filtered and/or coloured by any device property or KPI)
  4. Time-series charts (zoomable, pannable, multi-series)
  5. X-Y charts (e.g. comparing two things, including density to show statistical relevance)
  6. Pie charts
  7. Numbers with traffic lights (e.g. % uptime metric, with configurable red/amber/green points)
  8. Floorplans 

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Erik Fairbairn, CEO at POD Point:
Achieved 99% uptime across device estate

"We're totally data driven at POD Point, and if we can answer a question using data then we think that’s the best way - there’s no guesswork and you can use the facts.

Our DevicePilot dashboards have really let us get that actionable insight out of our devices."